There is no better way to explain. I have been living a spoonie life for over a decade, mostly unknown to family and friends because they do not know what that means. I pay a price for what I do with my life. I pay a price for every time I use energy. The unit I pay is spoons and they are limited. That’s why I plan ahead to evaluate the spoons I have need. That’s why I normally don’t plan too many things following each other because I need my spoons for other things. That’s why I have to tell people I am busy that day even though I simply want to do nothing to recharge. With a chronically illness, spoons are often charged for the smallest things and the available amount changes drastically too. Why the spoonie talk?

I started my blog and the social media for it in German because there aren’t many of us. Loads of English speaking accounts and awareness raising going on, not so much in German. Since I feel quite at home in the English language I wanted to continue bi-lingual from my pregnancy on, so last year. Being chronically ill and being a mom has been tough for me so writing both texts has been totally overwhelming. To be honest, I do not have enough spoons for what life throws at me currently. That’s why I will pause all English texts for this year. I dearly wish to stay active blogging but I just can’t handle it bi-lingual so I hearby draw the line. I know there are people following me that do not speak German and I want to apologize for letting you down. You can still use translator online, it won’t be the same but you’ll get what I am trying to say. I hope you’ll stay with me on my journey nevertheless. All the best 💜

Update: Even a year later I must be honest and go back to my roots and keep on going in German only. I post about it here.

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