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2021 should have started with a tremendous bang. Unfortunately, I was denied the beginning of a new chapter in my life. It is now postponed, not abolished completely. I will explain all of it in the near future. This year holds a lot of opportunities for me personally and my passion project will ornament my homepage this year. This project might only be as important and huge for me personally but that’s enough. My blog represents authenticity and life hardly just works out as planned. Even though I am taking detours, my life happens and it is preciously happening. I am alive and I want to feel alive more than ever before. Anyone who knows me well enough is aware of the fact that I am hardly stopped in tracks. Pausing from my blog was important since I was able pick up a bit of my strength and realized that I miss writing my blog too. (T)here – here and there, what a clear-cut vision of my current situation. For 13 years I have been suppressed and humiliated by something, shattered inside more every day. The last months and weeks gave me the chance to realize various things that will help me enhance. To put this awareness into effect many actions need to take place and one huge surgery is included as well. Now, right here I am present and definitely unhappy … but 2021 is the year I want to find myself there, in a place I have never been before but dreamed of and get to be at peace with myself. The past days I have been overwhelmed with fierce and heavy emotions, fighting to take one step at a time. Come what may, you’ll be in for the ride regarding my passion project. I want to advocate even more. On New Year’s Eve, we shared fortune cookies and mine seemed to be simply perfect for me: THE COMMITMENT THAT WILL CLAIM ALL MY POWER WILL PAY OFF IN THE END. Afterwards we cast tin figures for good fortune, its shadow telling me I was about to be transformed. I know I could dismiss all of this as superstition but I see it as a sign. A sign telling me I am on the right path, moving towards a goal I have been longing for since I was a young woman. I say: a journey is over when a goal is reached and I am on my way!

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